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It took years, we analyzed data from over 250 tooling catalogs,
we built a powerful cutting physics engine with advanced algorithms that consider almost 60 different variables,
we added AI Machine Learning algorithms,
and we worked with over 100,000 CNC'ers
like yourself to make sure you'd have

Better Tool Life, Surface Finish, and MRR with G-Wizard

Feeds and Speeds Calculator

Master your Speeds and Feeds the easy way with G-Wizard.

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"I've been asking for this for 30 years from the CAM guys. This program is the 'go-to' source for feeds and speeds" Ed

How much do you spend on cutters in a year? If each one lasted 56% longer, you'd save 56% of that. Plus what's the value of your time saved and time saved on jobs?

G-Wizard pays for itself very quickly--you'll see in the 30-day Free Trial.



Better Tool Life. Faster Cycles.

The Easy Way.


Get Speeds and Feeds in seconds

Getting good Speeds and Feeds is quick and easy: Fill in the blanks left to right, top to bottom and
G-Wizard instantly returns the best
Spindle Speed and Feed Rate.

Super simple for Beginners, powerful and flexible for Pros.Plus, the best training materials anywhere free with the product.

Feeds and Speeds Calculator


Feeds and Speeds Calculator

Figure the Best Cut Width and Cut Depth

How do you know when you've got the best Cut Depth and Cut Width? These two parameters matter more than almost any other for best Speeds and Feeds.

G-Wizard will find the best combinationto keep tool deflection under control while maximizing Material Removal Rate. No other software can.


Adjusts to Your Needs

Are you looking to maximize tool life or material removal rates? Do you have a small CNC machine or a big industrial machine? Are you trying to hog out a bunch of chips or achieve the best possible surface finish?

G-Wizard makes it easy to dial in exactly
the results you are looking for.

Feeds and Speeds Calculator


Feeds and Speeds Calculator

CADCAM Wizards: An Expert in the Box

How often do you get to experiment with hundreds of different feed and speed combinations to find the best one for your job?

CADCAM Wizards will do that for you automatically in a matter of seconds and without asking too many questions.It's like having a machining expert sitting at your shoulder telling you the right combination for the win--another G-Wizard first!


Extensive Tool Crib & Tool Coverage

G-Wizard Calculator handles more different kinds of tooling than any other Speeds and Feeds Calculator.

Import and Export tables from CSV files, use Manufacturer's Recommended Data, define tool geometry, and use dozens of tool types for Mills, Routers (special router cutters handled) and Lathes.

End Mill Speed and Feed: Coatings (including PCD) & Geometry (Ballnose, Upcut, Downcut, Compression, and more)

Drill Feeds and Speeds: Carbide,HSS, and Parabolic

Turning and Lathe Tools

Reamers, Saws, Woodruff Cutters, Corner Rounders, Tapping, Thread Mills, and Boring Heads

Speeds and Feeds Calculator


high speed machining calculator hsm advisor

G-Wizard: The Best HSM Advisor there is!

High Speed Machining Calculator

High Speed Machining. It's almost magic the way it increases productivity while saving tool life.

But figuring HSM feeds and speeds can also take magic, unless you have G-Wizard Calculator.

Feeds and Speeds for HSM are easy.Chip Thinning, Adaptive Clearing, and Trochoidal Milling are covered. It evens tells you how much to slow down in corners for non-HSM toolpaths.


Speeds and Feeds Charts: Obsolete

Throw away those old speeds and feeds charts and pdfs.

A chart is only 2 dimensional. It takes multiple charts to cover maybe 3 or 4 dimensions.They give you ranges that are tough to interpret when you just want the answer.

G-Wizard's cutting physics engine considers nearly 60 variables. No chart will ever do that!


Giant Material Database

Metals of all kinds, plastics, composites, even hard to find materials like Tungsten, Cobalt Chrome, and Graphite.

Plus, we add new materials on request.


Expert Tips

You ever read all those great tips in the tooling catalogs?

When to use climb vs conventional milling. When to start peck drilling or switch to parabolic flutes.

All those tips are wonderful, but who can remember it all?

G-Wizard will remember them for you. It even has a comprehensive Cheat Sheet to help you bend Feeds and Speeds to your special needs.


Tame Chatter

Chatter is a fact of life in production work.It kills tools and drives you crazy.

G-Wizard gives you a comprehensive tool kit to tame chatter.Calculate optimal spindle speeds to minimize it.Track it in your Cut Knowledge Base to avoid it on future jobs.


Powerful for Experts

The CNC Business can be tough.Get every advantage you can. For example, you paid extra for those special machine options.Programmable Coolant Nozzles. Through Spindle Coolant. High Pressure Coolant.

G-Wizard will take every bit of advantage when calculating feeds and speeds for your jobs.

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high pressure through spindle coolant feeds and speeds


Easy for Beginners

G-Wizard is not just for Pros, we've got beginners and hobbyists covered too.

G-Wizard has the exclusive ability to adjust feeds and speeds to compensate for the lower rigidity of entry-level CNC machines.

Plus, we offer free training courses, built in Getting Started Tours, Examples, and much more.CNCCookbook is the world's most comprehesive free online information resource for CNC'ers.Take advantage of it with G-Wizard!

Machinist Calculators Need Reference Information Too

Trig Calculators, Threads and More

Why leaf through old-style handbooks when you can have interactive calculators at your fingertips?

Bolt Circles, Trig, Chords, Thread Database, Fastener Dimensions, and much more. There's even a Turner's Cube calculator!

G-Wizard isn't just Speeds and Feeds, it has the most comprehensive reference resources available in any software package.

G-Wizard works for Mills, Lathes, and Routers.

Learn what G-Wizard Speeds and Feeds Calculator can do for you

Take the Tour

Screenshots, feature descriptions, and more

"I'm in my 27th year and seen my share of 'machinist aid' software and this BY FAR packs the most punch for the dollar. Shop owners would be fools not having a copy." Michael

"I'm a total Newbie on hobby mill and had the crazy idea to jump right in on some plasma cut hardened steel. WOW! I did it and could not have done it without G-Wizard. I completed our very first EVER customer part in about 1 hour." Jeffrey

"I am amazed at all the data that is available when using the G-Wizard. I've been in the business for 43 years and sure wish something like this was around back in the day."Michael

See what else people are saying about G-Wizard

Over 100,000 machinists from thousands of companies

have used our software. We hope you will too.

G-Wizard Customers


Cutting Tool Engineering CNC Chef

Hi, I'm Bob Warfield, I Created G-Wizard

I've been involved with CNC, Calculators, and Feeds and Speeds for a long time.

As a recognized expert in the industry, I do a monthly column on Feeds and Speeds issues for Cutting Tool Engineering Magazine called CNC Chef.

I started my first company right out of college to build an innovative spreadsheet called Quattro Pro.It was all the rage in its day, and it taught me a thing or two about building calculators.

I've benefited from feedback thousands of CNC'ers just like you have given to help me improve G-Wizard. I look forward to working with you to make it even better over time.




Ourfrustration free CNC Calculator is guaranteed to

make your Speeds and Feeds easier

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Who Is CNCCookbook?

CNCCookbook is the Internet's most popular CNC blog and information resource.

We build software that helps anyone be a Better CNC'er.

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