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If you have visited before, you may not have seen the items I am showing belowmART SET 2WDWlnt Vase 96 2in wideHickory Bwl 2 wd
Martini Set 3in







Welcome to Greene Wood Turning, a wood turning focusedwork-in-progress.? I hope you find the information I share useful and thepictures I post inspiring. I get tremendous pleasure out of creating somethingbeautiful and useful out of what most people would consider firewood.?Unfortunately wood turning for me is purely a part time gig at thispoint.?

Collage Main Jan 31


I will post items for sale from time to time and may squeeze inthe occasional project between running the kids around and my actual job.?If you have something special you’d like created shoot me an e-mail andI’ll work with you directly or refer you to one of the many turningprofessionals in my network...





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