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Seven Great Apps For Your Move:

We live in a digital world, yet moving is still mostly analog. How much technology does it take to pack, load a truck, drive the truck, unload, and unpack? Not a whole lot, to be frank, but there are several apps that are designed to make your move a lot easier, even if the apps can’t load a truck. Finding a PlaceBefore you move, you have to find a place. Newspaper classifieds are long gone, and apps have taken their place. Here are our two favorite. Realtor.comIf you’re looking to buy, is the gold standard, at least according to my Realtor friends. They have the most updated listings. Facebook MarketplaceRegardless of how you feel about Facebook, Facebook Marketplace become one of the best places to find a rental or roommate situation. It’s also a great place to find furniture for your new digs. Getting Rid of StuffLetgoWhether you want to buy or sell, Letgo is one of the best shopping sites out there for used items. You can find, or sell, everything from clothing, …
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8 stress-free ways to prepare for moving day

1. Get rid of whatever you don't needBefore you move, take an objective look at what items can be sold and what can be donated. Anything you don't need or that wouldn't be useful to someone else should be thrown away or the materials recycled. Otherwise, you'll waste time, energy and money packing (and then carting to your new home) stuff you don't want.Allow yourself plenty of time to make these decisions. 2. Find the best moving companyContact a few moving companies to get estimates at least six months before you move. Otherwise, you may get stuck with some less-than-reliable movers who charge you top-dollar prices for lousy services. Don't pick the first name that you see in the phone directory. If you're entrusting your worldly possessions to movers you'll want to ensure (among other things) that they know what they're doing; have a good reputation, and are insured.While checking out moving companies, ask about extras that may make the process …


While some people might be all about those Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, it’s really the day after that reflects the true spirit of the holiday season. Giving Tuesday happens every year on the day after Cyber Monday and was started in 2012 by the 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation as a response to growing commercialization during the holiday season. What better way to get into the holiday spirit than by helping others and spreading cheer through acts of kindness? This year, we’re celebrating Giving Tuesday by sharing stories of how our franchise partners across all four of our brands—1-800-GOT-JUNK?, WOW 1 DAY PAINTING, You Move Me, and Shack Shine—have given back to their own communities throughout the year. Our You Move Me franchise in Kansas City partnered with local TV station KCTV5 to help out with their Project Warmth coat drive. You Move Me volunteered a moving truck to help collect and deliver the donations. The event was held on a Saturday and viewers showed…

Trucking Services in Hawaii

How do you choose the best trucking service in Hawaii? Cost is a factor, but price doesn’t necessarily reflect value. A reliable trucking service that’s also flexible can help you avoid upcharges, long delays, and damaged goods. So how do you ensure that your provider will deliver a low-stress, safe and affordable experience? Royal Hawaiian Movers recommends asking a few key questions before engaging a hauling and trucking service in Hawaii. Whether you’re planning a residential or commercial move, interisland or across the Pacific, doing your homework is a smart move. ExperienceHow long has the company provided container packing, trucking and hauling services to and from Hawaii?Look for a company with a proven track record in local pickup and delivery to and from the continental U.S., Guam and the islands of Hawaii. Thanks to the dedication and Aloha Spirit of our staff members (many have been with us for more than 25 years) since 1982, we’ve become one of the largest transportatio…

College Dorm Move-in Tips

Moving into a college dorm is something of a rite of passage: that iconic moment when you pull up in front of the building and, holding a box, look up at your future with excited and nervous eyes. There could be a whole range of emotions that follow next, so we’re here to help ensure that ‘stress’ or ‘overwhelm’ isn’t in the mix. Here are our best dorm move-in day tips to help keep that sparkle in your eyes. Ship directly to your schoolIf you won’t be driving to school, consider shipping your belongings to the school directly — especially large items like furniture. Many companies provide moving services that don’t require you to rent the whole truck since you likely don’t have that much cargo, but allow you to send your things as part of a larger cargo shipment. This approach will save you money, but it may mean you have to be a little more flexible with your timing. Alternatively? If you will be doing some shopping for your dorm room, order things online for local pickup or wait u…

What You Should Be Doing One Week Before Moving Day

After months of planning, preparation and tough decisions, moving day is less than a week away! The few days before your move are often some of the busiest days, as you finish getting everything in order.  By tying up the final few loose ends the week before moving day, you can quell any feelings of uncertainty you may be having. We hope you’ve been following our past posts on what to do throughout the moving process – if not, you can catch up by following the links below: What You Should Be Doing on Moving DayWhat You Should Be Doing One Week Before Moving DayWhat You Should Be Doing 2-4 Weeks Before Moving DayWhat You Should Be Doing 4-6 Weeks Before Moving DayWhat You Should Be Doing 6-8 Weeks Before Moving DayPrepare your belongings for the move With moving day right around the corner, now is the time to make sure all your belongings are ready to be transported.  Make sure your refrigerator and freezer are disconnected and defrosted in advance, so no water leaks onto your other po…

6 Tips to Simplify the Moving Process

1. Get the Boxes for Free Many  people make the mistake of going to the post office or some other expensive outlet to find boxes that they can get for free. All you have to do is go to your local department store, grocery store and similar establishments to find boxes that they have left over from inventory and such. Many stores will be happy to allow you to take those boxes with you.
2. Get Friendly With the Trash Bin Don't be afraid to throw some of your stuff in the trash. Many people try to save everything they have when about 30 percent of it is junk. Trash all broken, severely damaged, or "bad vibe" items immediately. Donate what you can to charity, and you will save much space.
3. Do Your Moving on Schedule Break up the various moving tasks and assign them a time and day. You will never get overwhelmed that way.
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