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PetitionParliament To Publish The Russia Report -- Here's Why


750,000Votes Stolen by UK, From British in EU

More impacted than Brits in UK : Brits in EU may get kickedout, lose homes, jobs, health treatment, pensions,qualifications etc.

PM May liedReferendum was `democratic' in Article 50letter

3.7Million British abroad globaly were denied votes in 1stReferendum.

3 Million EUcitizens living & working in UK also couldn't vote, butare taxed by UK.

Yet Australian & Southern Irish citizens resident in UK_could_ vote !

750,000+Votes Stolen From British In The EU

By Brexit day 2020-01-31:

  • 2.8Million then under 18 had no vote, more of themremainers, travel & jobs abroad blighted.
  • 1.9Million mostly old, mostly leavers, died since. Deadirrelevant votes!

Thereport on Russian interference in referendum &advertising: Still buried by UK government.

Campaigns were fined for criminalfunding

Brexit was forced without a 2nd Referendum on terms of thedeal, to benefit:

  Snouts In TheTrough:
Corrupt promoters speculating on Crash Brexit

+ Super rich, scared of EU's new anti taxevasion law.
Even most Pro Brexit voters didn't vote for Dictator Johnsonto suppress Parliament to force a CrashBrexit - "Do or Die"" with massive disruption stillthreatened by PM Johnson's foolish 11 month negotiatingdeadline after 31st March 2020.

StunningStatistics 2020-01-19

The 12th December 2019 General Election was not anendorsement of one issue, but on many issues, not an increase innumber of Brexiteers, but fear of Marxist Corbin as leaderof Labour, + a split of Remainers between parties.

Brexit is now a minority: 2.8Million now over 18, couldn't vote back then in referendum,they are more Remainers; 1.8 Milliondied, less Leavers;


Email Your MP, OrIf Abroad Any MP

Don't let the vote thieving government con you, "your notallowed to mail an MP", just quote some UK Postcode the MPrepresents. More than 110countries are More democratic than Britain, allowing passportholders to vote. The only less Democratic country in Europe isEire (where it's illegal to vote as soon as you've left thecountry).

BrexitFrauds & `democratic' Lie

Pulse Of Europe Rally, Munich =Muenchen 3rd March 2019
Notes & Video of Speakers Julian H. Stacey & BernieFaulkner.

  No Taxation Without Representation

Why pay tax to a government that steals votes? that hasn't learnt since they last stole votes& lost the AmericanWar Of Independence in 1783 ?
  • British government stole the right to vote from 750,000+British residents in the EU - those most impacted!
  • Old folk, keener to vote, & keener on Brexit, havedied for over 2 years since 23 June 2016
  • 700,000 young people registered since the referendum,for the 2017 General Election, many too young to vote in2016 have had international career opportunities blightedby old dead voters.
    Before the 2017 election 1,191,101 people under 35registered to vote.
  • Un-democratic government forces its cobbled Brexit`deal', despite changing demographics, changes of opinion, better informedelectorate, aware of past lies & criminal mediafunding.
  • The last referendum was advisory,corrupt,& fraudulent
  • Government lies it'sdemocratic.
  • Government & opposition abuse Brexit for partypolitical advantage.
  • MPs should co-operate cross party to declare Brexitan apolitical non party issue of conscience, (likeabortion, death penalty etc), & break the abuse ofparty leaders & whips.
  • Britain needs a first non stolen Referendum
  • British residents in the EU should also be allowedto vote (Brexit impacts them more than in the UK.)

It's Treason: To intimidate Parliament yet PMJohnson & cronies were not charged with treason, despitethe long proroguement of parliament was ruled illegal by thesupreme court.

Extremists threatened Parliament to prorogue it( Hansard) to force a hard brexit. Wildlyundemocratic (2019-07-09:"Mr Grieve said he did not think democracy would surviveParliament being prorogued to allow for a no-dealBrexit."), inciting revolt & risk ofrevolution & breaking up the United Kingdom (strange fromsome in the "Conservative & _Unionist_" party,though opposed by some moderate Conservatives;
"it is treason felony to "compass, imagine, invent ,devise, or intend:
  • to deprive the sovereign of the Crown,
  • to levy war against the sovereign "in order by forceor constraint to compel her to change her measures orcounsels,
  • or in order to put any force or constraint upon orin order to intimidate or overawe both Houses or eitherHouse of Parliament", ...
See Also en. wikipedia . org / wiki / Treason_Felony_Act_1848
Text ofthe Treason Felony Act 1848 as in force today(including any amendments) within the United Kingdom,
Treason Felony Act 1848 CHAPTER 12 11 and 12Vict

3 Offences declared felonies by this Act tobe punishable by transportation or imprisonment. If anyperson whatsoever shall, within the United Kingdom orwithout, compass, imagine, invent, devise, or intend todeprive or depose our Most Gracious Lady the Queen, fromthe style, honour, or royal name of the imperial crown ofthe United Kingdom, or of any other of her Majesty'sdominions and countries, or to levy war against herMajesty, within any part of the United Kingdom, in orderby force or constraint to compel her to change hermeasures or counsels, or in order to put any force orconstraint upon
or in order to intimidate or overaweboth Houses or either House of Parliament,
or to move or stir any foreigner or stranger withforce to invade the United Kingdom or any other of herMajesty's dominions or countries under the obeisance ofher Majesty, and such compassings, imaginations,inventions, devices, or intentions, or any of them, shallexpress, utter, or declare, by publishing any printing orwriting . . . . . . F3 or by any overt act or deed, everyperson so offending shall be
guilty of felony
, and being convicted thereof shall be liable . .. . . . F4 to be transported beyond the seas for the termor his or her natural life . . . . . . F4

It needs referral to some of these:

There are other Treason Acts worth researching.

Petitions on petition . parliament .uk


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Out-sourcers from UK can seek contacts via author for relay to Britishin Munich.
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