JobForDrones is a commercial drone network, designed to help commercial drone customers find qualified drone operators – and to help qualified drone operators find jobs.

Bloomberg Technology news says that the commercial drone industry is predicted to grow to $127 Billion by 2020 – and the FAA testified before Congress that “90% of drone owners will be small businesses.” But how do businesses who need drone services – in industries like real estate, construction, surveying, events, and home inspection – find qualified small drone operators in their area?

That’s why we created JobForDrones. You can post a job, read reviews, ask providers for bids, and select the provider that’s best for you. If you’re a drone operator, you can create a profile, bid on jobs, and search jobs listed in your area.

Payment for the job happens after the job is completed, and is executed through our secure payment site. ? JobForDrones charges 10% of the total job fee – after the job is completed. ? It’s always free to post a job or to register as a qualified drone operator.

Get started by registering to be a JobForDrones customer, or register as a qualified drone service provider to find drone jobs. ??Join hundreds of drone operators and customers already in the network to get your drone job done today – use JobForDrones to find the best drone for your job, or the best job for your drone.

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